Stop, evil hand, stop it! I just can't control my evil hand!

Wherein walls are animated, hands are de-animated, and Terciel and Bree fail their Stealth and Common Sense checks.

Game Time: Monday morning

 The party puzzled over the map while Zoran looked on, slightly confused.  When Terciel discovered the ornate pitchers in the wells, Bree figured out that the three- and five-quart pitchers were enough to measure out exactly four quarts.  She reached waaaaay up over her head and managed to pour the water from pitcher to pitcher until exactly four quarts were in the larger pitcher, and then filled up the map puzzle.  Gears clicked and sprockets unwound, a trickle of noxious slime slid along the floor, and the water in the Baerstun Bay mosaic disappeared, revealing the entrance to the Lower Ocean Catacombs.


Upon entering the Lower Ocean Catacombs, the party found a lever, and Bree used her razor-sharp intellect to discover what it did by moving it back and forth.  Luckily, it did not open a pit of acid or start a giant stone ball rolling around, squashing everyone like bugs; nor did it trigger the dreaded Baerstun Rug Trap.  Terciel scouted ahead and identified a skeletal archer and two pikemen guarding the tomb, and reported back to the group ("They're using arrows, like this one." <points to kidneys>).  The heavy infantry took over and established a front line.  The pikemen mounted a ferocious charge that knocked Thea down and briefly out, but some quick work by Darg got her back up and into the action without even missing a swing.  After a brutal counterattack from Lenora and Thea, Bree cooled off the first rank of pikemen.

Terciel shouted a battle-challenge at their leader, who looked on in surprise (no mean feat without eyebrows) and suddenly began barking confused orders in the language that the burning skeleton had spoken earlier.  His right hand was in a steel glove with blue runes traced over it, and in the middle of urging his soldiers to stand down, the glove appeared to take control and change the order of the day.

Terciel loosed a pair of arrows; the first sailed just wide but the second caught him in the elbow, shattering the bones and knocking his entire forearm off – including the glove, which skittered off into the darkness. The warlord's demeanor changed instantly, his voice and the skeletal language fading from him as the glove's enchantment lapsed.  As the pikemen muddled around without a leader, Thea, Lenora, and Darg pushed back hard; Rache's bursts of infernal flame scorched the floor around the enemy, corralling them into the kill zone, and Bree sniped at them with magic missiles.  Terciel pressed the attack on the still-hostile skeletal troops missing wide twice, but the warlord turned to him, pointed out an opening, and his second volley found its mark.  The warlord approached Darg, gesticulating wildly, and Darg began to pray for Moradin to intercede and take the Eladrin dead back from the land of the living.  The Eladrin bones collapsed and the skeletons were left to fight on their own.

As the enemy ranks thinned, the pikemen fought more fiercely but were eventually vanquished.  Bree saw the last pikeman (poor Whiffy!) cornered and fighting fiercely, and tried to head off after the glove, but some quick thinking from the ever-cautious Thea stopped her in her tracks.  Bree moved her light in order to have a better look, and discovered (OH LOOK!) another handful of skeletal soldiers.

Illuminated and discovered, with an axe-wielding half-elf clearly in view, they began to advance. Thea held her ground while the party headed back to the Lever Room, then followed behind.  Thea and Lenora have set up a phalanx in the doorway, and the rest of the party is nervously eyeing the approach – nocking arrows and muttering words of power.  It's gonna be a hell of a rumble!



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