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Believe it not, this is the short version.

So after dispatching the ogre before he could ring for help, the party encountered a groundskeeper who look one look at Lenora's Shield (looted from an orc way back when) and assumed the party were emmisarries from Bonewhite's invading army. The party decided to go along with this to find out what is going on, and was put up in sumptious quarters, but were aware they were also being watched. After jamming the scrying spell observing them with a ritual, they made a quick search of the house and discovered a well stocked multilingual library including such classics as "Mein Kamphy Chair" in Giant, and "A fleeting overview of the seventy-third round of The Great Game, as played by Tegrammanon The Golden aided by sundry peoples — Including Tegrammanon’s Discourse on the merits of the Tribal Stacking with Flowers (Rolling Variant with Passes) versus Neo-classical Feuds and Legal Deterrence (Modified Figwit’s Gray Gambit, Inverted)" in Draconic. They also discovered a hidden room belonging to Narmo Mornamarya and had set a trap for him, which was interrupted when a group of Eladrin broke in halfway through the night to kidnap Rache.  


Further summary from our DM: 

 The PCs killed everyone who came to kidnap Rache except for the
person that Terciel (and Darg, and Rache) recognized, and an archer named Boaz who is currently bagged and tagged, but still alive.  Yes, you took another hostage.  But it's cool!  Lenora survived a harrowing wrestling match with Boaz right on the edge of the exterior balcony, Darg acquitted himself marvelously well as a healer and leaped from the landing to the ground floor to prevent Alaric from escaping and raising the alarm.  Thea rocked the ever-loving hell out of an athletics check to jump from the upstairs balcony, clear the stairs and the landing, and come down right in front of Cadfael.  Then she chopped him in half.  At various points during and after the battle, the following important things were revealed:

 "Annmar", who Rache heard had stolen the feymoss from the eladrin tomb in Baerstun, was actually Tirnariel, Terciel's sister, who also knows Darg. Tirnariel was traveling under a false name.

Rache knows (from the ritual that Osmund cast) that Annmar (Tirnariel!) is related to her; specifically, Tirnariel is Rache's half-sister.  Terciel revealed that he always knew Tirnariel was an illegitimate (non-Sulkano) half-sister to Terciel but was mortified  to realize that it was a Mornamarya.  This means that Tirnariel's mother is also Terciel's mother, and Tirnariel's father — Narmo, who owns the manor house — is also Rache's father. Thea's player figured this out by sketching a family tree.  ("By hood rules, you are all related.")

Rache said that her mother was raped by Narmo, and admitted that it was actually she, Rache, who killed Liante.

Tirnariel had followed Liante through a portal in his (Feywild) home in order to find Terciel and clear his name, but the portal opened  up onto the smoldering ruins of a village called Trammel.  Back at Trammel, Terciel's prayer to Avandra — "I hope Avandra protects everyone who got away from this awful place" — was a particularly fun moment for me, because Rache was standing right there with ogre blood dripping down her chin.

But so time appears to pass very differently between the feywild and the mortal plane, because Liante was still alive at Terciel's trial, which was before his banishment… but here on the mortal plane, Liante was killed before or very soon after Terciel showed  up. Further complicating things, Tirnariel claims to have been on  this plane for several months!

A while ago, then, Tirnariel took the job to steal the feymoss which had been stolen from the Sulkano tomb.  Later, she took the job to kidnap Rache because Narmo told Tirnariel that Rache had  betrayed and murdered Liante, and had stolen feymoss from the Sulkano family tomb. Rache has admitted that, while it probably sounds bad when you put it that way, it's all technically true.  The last thing Narmo had told Tirnariel was that Rache had something that he needed to cast the ritual that will help him clear Terciel's name.

…but when Tirnariel told this to the party, Bree remembered the ritual in the book she was reading called 'Greater Fey Gate' which uses, among other things, violet feymoss and the lifeblood of an eladrin.  Narmo's plan was apparently to open a giant gate to the  Feywild by killing Rache – who is, after all, at least half-eladrin. Terciel suspects, based on the description that the portal is going  to be VERY large, that Narmo intends to use it to bring stolen Sulkano ships (the crime for which Terciel was framed and banished!) to sell to Admiral Godwin.  So Narmo may be planning  to sell the ships to Admiral Godwin BUT the groundskeeper seemed very hospitable when she thought you were emissaries of Thurig Silverhand.  So that's weird.

And so anyway, the plan going forward is to use the potion of  mimicry to disguise Boaz as Rache, gag him, and deliver him to Narmo, with Tirnariel pretending to be still-on-his-side, and with the rest of you disguised, however poorly, as the other men who came to grab Rache. Then you will kill Narmo, and burn him to pieces, then stomp on the pieces, then put the pieces in a jar and smash jar, etc. etc.  Darg objected to burning down such a finely-made mansion — it would be a grave affront to Moradin. 

Oh, and lastly: when Tirnariel was explaining why she believed Narmo, a known liar, and risked her neck to go do favors for an amoral sociopath, to get something that she could have possibly obtained by less dangerous means, she replied "I didn't say it was a GOOD plan," which received a quorum of votes to be the party's new unofficial motto.  


Cerulean continues:

So, the party did in fact kill the heck out of Narmo, (with particular enthusiasm from Rache and Terciel) but not before he completed enough of the Greater Fey Gate ritual that killing him actually completed it. The portal opened and the ships were brought through before it collapsed, causing the reality "bubble" around Sandstone to dissipate with a great deal of atmospheric disturbance. After dispatching Narmo, the party questioned his workers and learned the entire population of the village had been ensalved by Narmo and his Ogre enforcers, and they set out to free the  Villagers and inspire them to rise up and help the party overthrow the orges.



 After a pitched battle with impressively low redshirt casualties, the party examined the ships Narmo brought from the feywild, and found them all equipped with a tracking devices. The party theorized that Narmo intended the ships to be sold to Admiral Godwin, while also collecting from Bonewhite for the trackers. They removed the devices without disarming them and put them into a ratty old boat. Then they sent the whole floatilla, along with a letter of introduction from Terciel and Rache, North to Baerstun where the villagers could recoup the profit from selling the ships as funds to rebuild their town, while the Admiral could gain a intel advantage using the decoy ship. 


The party continued on to Seven Mills, and were again waylaid, this time by a big giant floating head that turned out to be piloted by one of Bree's old professors from The University. After the party fended off several waves of attackers, Professor Boleos managed to ward the head sufficiently to allow them to continue into Seven Mills and decide what to do with the three story flying head of Avandra later. 



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