Harvest Pennies, Harvest Pies!

Map of Seven Mills 


After dealing with the cows and demons, the party set out from the now-invisible Head of Avandra for Seven Mills.  Around lunchtime they broke bread with a farmer who was selling apples and strawberry wine. He taught Rache this song from the Seven Mills Harvest Festival:

"Harvest Pennies, Harvest Pies!
Sehanine made Pelor cry.
Wear a mask to hide your face,
Your harvest pennies will be safe;
Go around without disguise,
pay the Goddess Harvest Pies!"

…which was based on the story of Sehanine's masked ball, and Pelor falling for her trickery.  The festival is seven days of harvest  work and seven nights of revelry, although from what you've seen  from the first day of the festival, it doesn't appear that much harvest work is getting done.  Lots of farmers have brought their harvests to the town to have their grains milled, and to take home  a mixed share of flour and beer that they can keep for the winter.  Everyone is wearing masks, and now the party is going masked as well.  Lenora is "disguised" as a goat-legged devil, for example, and I know Bree is working on a Gelatinous Cube costume; feel free to let me know what costume you're working on.  

You've found lodgings at the Horse and Hound ("There's one in every city," Lenora assures you all) and Rache was offered a paying position playing the lyre.  Late on the night before the festival opened, civilians were sweeping the streets and getting their stalls ready for the next day, and most of you set out to look for the three clerics you've been following since you left Baerston. You all learned that Bronn is rebuilding Moradin's Old Temple (outside the walls) but that he is a fairly well-known citizen at the New Temple as well.  You didn't manage to ask after Krunis yet.  And for Marina, you sent the following message to her, with the first cat dumb enough to get caught:


Terciel received a letter from Lt. Magnusson (attached) and also the attentions of a very attractive barmaid, who was absolutely  fascinated to hear where he'd been and what the Feywild was like  and pretty much anything else he wanted to tell her, she was also  mildly interested to hear that Terciel had a friend who was a naval  officer when a Watch member delivered a reply from LT Magnusson to the letter Terciel had sent with the Eladrin ships bound for Baerstun. 



 The next morning, you all set out to look for Bronn, and as you passed the pavilion where Melora's shrine was set up, a gang of children enacted a very familiar story with lots of swashbuckling, and children in sheep costumes who spun around and menaced each other with wolf costumes!  Right about the time that four of the six of you were managing to pick your jaws up off  the floor at the sight of four other children fighting off this menace, one of them shouted, "Oh silken bow, now watch me CUT you, Moe!” and fired off a fusillade of twigs from a makeshift bow she was carrying.  

“I’m Terciella, the eladrin princess archer assassin.  My bow  shoots tornadoes and razors made of white silk and when the witches turn the sheep into wolves I can turn them back by  shooting her heart out and then I use her heart to cast a spell to make my hair so shiny that my enemies can’t look away and then  I can step through the tunnel ports and I tunnel port to wherever I want and tunnel port some delicious berries from the feywires  and I can sell them for a thousand hundred pieces of silver and use that to buy more fey wires for my bow and silk ribbons and  then I let all of the animals out of their cages except for the  otyughs and then I stab the otyughs through the face with a  pontoon.”  

Having gotten exactly the reaction she hoped for, she gathered up her brood, weaseled a gold coin from you, and told you all where to find Marina — the Blind Orc tavern, by the west gates.

You arrive back at the Horse & Hound to discover Bree is already  drunk as a collegiate wizard can be at this hour of the day without resorting to heavy recreational magicks.  She spent the morning socializing with the none-too-busy barmaid, and when you arrive,  she gleefully mumbles something about sigils and warnings, and  says that you guys have GOT to go see the Wizard's Mill when you're done. Luckily, heading down to the Blind Orc will take you right past it.



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