The Story So Far

A summary of the characters' first week together

Trouble at McGuffin Creek

Darg, Thea, and Lenora headed southeast from Baerstun towards McGuffin Creek to find out why Lord Wossname's iron shipments have been disappearing. There they discovered orc smugglers, Tarin “the Stoat”, and an eladrin archer wandering through the woods. Terciel joined up with the party and they headed back to Baerstun with their prisoner Tarin. Other than being ambushed by orcish infiltrators at the Avandran shrine overnight, the journey was uneventful.

The Execution of Tarin the Stoat

The party arrived in Baerstun at dawn, handed Tarin over to Lord Wossname's guards, and settled in for a quick shower and breakfast. They stood as witnesses at Tarin's trial, but before he could be executed, a shepherdess in the crowd revealed herself to be a warlock. She transformed her sheep into wolves and attacked the executioner and the guards. The party killed her and the wolves, but couldn't stop Tarin from escaping.

Wounded Veterans and Fowl Play

The party ran into Bree and Rache in a pub down in the Ocean Quarter while trying to track down Tarin. The two agreed to join the party, and just as the party was starting to follow up their leads, they found themselves surrounded by a procession of wounded veterans. Sister Marina asked them to head to Aladar's workshop to buy more healing potions, but all they found there were some angry ducks, a cockatrice, and a thunder-chicken.

Into the Catacombs

Around sundown the party headed to the Temple of Melora, hoping that their connections with Sister Marina could earn them access to the Upper Ocean Catacombs. The novitiate on duty, Jevrem, was absolutely taken in by Rache's assertion that the party was helping Marina to fight the undead in the catacombs. This was the best bluff ever, because it turns out there actually were…

Undead in the Catacombs

...and they were not happy to see the party. After a few tough fights against the undead, including the infamous Bacon Zombies, the party started looking for a safe place to rest.

Oh, Rats



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