Ilian Kirov

The biggest little man in Baerstun


Ilian is tall for a halfling, skinny for a dwarf, and awfully hirsute for a human. His bristly black whiskers crowd out most of his facial features. His beak of a nose sticks out prominently; his bright black eyes are nestled under two enormous eyebrows (or perhaps just one) but sparkle cunningly, and his mouth is concealed except when he’s laughing, which is fairly often, considering that he lives in the sewers.

He was Baerstun’s rat-catcher for years, and as society in the Stone Quarter crumbled he became its unofficial mayor – a legitimate businessman trying to keep his slum from further deteriorating. He has ties with all of the upstanding businesses in town, knows which restaurants have rat problems, and if there’s a secret passage to be found he knows about it.

As the rat-catcher he has waged a secret war against Grigory, “Father of Rats”, for decades. Because their existence is an affront to his reputation, and because their presence keeps the Stone Quarter from re-establishing itself as a working neighborhood, he loathes Grigory and all that he stands for.

It greatly wounds his pride that he and his tribe had to leave the Stone Quarter, but he took every good person he could find, and is working to keep them alive and healthy long enough to strike back. The increasing numbers of restless dead are making him more and more nervous about his choice of location, though, and he fears that he will make one strategic error and cost everyone their lives. For his tribe to die nameless in the sewers… well, that was likely their destiny. But for it to happen when they trusted him to prevent it—that is unacceptable.

Recently, a group of his scouts led by Salek discovered that Grigory’s rats are wererats. The rats have lured some of Ilian’s own scouts to Grigory’s service with promises of fantastic power, and in their makeshift prison, a map leading back to Ilian’s hideaway was discovered. Ilian is now faced with the grim possibility that his location and his people have been compromised. As a man who values loyalty so fiercely, Ilian has taken this news especially hard.

Ilian Kirov

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