Dargrik Burnstone

A rough and tumble cleric quick with a hammer, but also with a kind word.


Multi-class Bard
*16 STR
14 CON
10 DEX
11 INT
16 WIS
13 CHA
17 AC
36 Max HP.
19 Passive Insight
19 Passive Perception


Darg is from a small stead named Reddsforge. Many generations gone, once of Darg’s ancestors set up a forge outside the mountain city of Forgehame, not wanting to be inside the city walls after years of wandering. Reddsforge is situated near a small steam that the main forge uses to run a primitive millrace for cold forming. Darg’s father was one of several smiths working in the main forge, a Senior journeyman. Darg was the youngest of his 7 children, (by about 50 years) having been a very unexpected late-life pregnancy. Darg’s 2 brothers and 4 sisters all work in various metal shops around Reddsforge, with he exception of Khunda, his eldest sister who ran to Forgehame the first chance she got, and hasn’t been for a visit since. She is never spoken of, but Darg went to visit her once, and discovered that she is a teacher in the city, and though unmarried, a great favorite among the eligible single dwarves in the city, being comely in rather extreme measure. He has no idea what the source of the animosity is between Khunda and his parents, and learned years ago not to ask again.
(no, it has nothing to do with the assignment. hush.)

Darg, having been brought up at such extreme distance from his siblings, learned rather quickly to defend himself from the other youths in the town without support from his siblings. After 10 years of mending cuts, scrapes, black eyes and broken bones, Darg’s mother, in despair, took him to the local temple to have the local priest talk to Darg about his violent tendencies. As it happened, the local priest was less interested in discouraging the violence, and more interested in Darg’s remarkable win/loss record. They became fast friends, and when the time came for Darg to pick a career, he entered the novitiate of Moradin without a second thought.

Darg’s favorite brew when traveling is a nice strong, single-malt whiskey, but when he has a choice, he would rather imbibe of a Reddsforge Copper Stout, a Copper so thick it’s joked that pouring a pint requires a chisel, a team of mules, and 3 strong dwarves. The alcohol content of an RCS is so high that it’s not served to dwarves under the age of 40, and Darg once gained notoriety at the tender age of 14 for both stealing and quaffing an entire pint. His family was so proud that after beating him until he couldn’t walk, they put the tankard on their mantelpiece, where it still stands. RCS is (according to the people of Reddsforge) the only true stout copper served throughout the Dwarven lands, although there is bitter contention between Reddsforge and the BurnBrick Inn in Forgehame on this topic.

Darg has currently retired from adventuring, and is concentrating his efforts on building a large, and extremely fortifiable shrine in Baerstun.

Dargrik Burnstone

Baerstun Darg