Tag: Ilian


  • Session Summary: 2-17-10

    Game Time: Tuesday, just after dawn

    Salek led the group on a quiet slog through the tunnels with Arkady nervously following behind.  Ilian had been pretty clear about his expectations: bringing Mika back was the most important, but …

  • Session Summary: 3/3/10

    Game Time: Tuesday, just before midday

    As soon as Katya saw the orcs lugging the steamer trunk, she had her scouts stop the party.  Katya rubbed her temples and tried to figure out how she was going to send their new allies to …

  • Irina

    With a sharp blade and divine fervor, Irina delivers her foes unto the glory of the Raven Queen, and reluctantly prevents her allies from approaching that elysian grace before their time. 


    She serves in Ilian's militia in …