Tag: Tarin


  • Session Summary: 3/3/10

    Game Time: Tuesday, just before midday

    As soon as Katya saw the orcs lugging the steamer trunk, she had her scouts stop the party.  Katya rubbed her temples and tried to figure out how she was going to send their new allies to …

  • Session Summary: 3-17-2010

    [Game Time: Tuesday, later in the afternoon]

    The sound of the trap banging against the stone walls echoed down the vaulted ceilings of the sewer, and in the brief silence, Shard heard the sound of seagulls coming from further down the …

  • Session Summary: 3-31-2010

    [Tuesday, late afternoon]

    Lenora sized up the wreckage around them between deep breaths as she stepped back towards the horrid noises in the galley.  The bandits and thugs had no leadership to speak of, and …