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  • Session Summary: 3-17-2010

    [Game Time: Tuesday, later in the afternoon]

    The sound of the trap banging against the stone walls echoed down the vaulted ceilings of the sewer, and in the brief silence, Shard heard the sound of seagulls coming from further down the …

  • Session Summar: 6-07-10

    A few months after the end of the great war.  An eladrin and a dwarf work feverishly to put the finishing touches into the catacombs before the dedication ceremony and the sealing of the Map Room

    "Damn, I'm out of the …

  • Session Summary: 6-14-10

    Game Time: Friday - early afternoon

    Zut alors!  There was no respite - they had barely checked each other over and re-fastened their armor when Darg heard footsteps from the south, where the cloak had come  from.  The …

  • Session Summary - 9/6/10


    The first hint that dinner was going to be unusual was the guest list.  Admiral Godwin and Lieutenant Magnusson were there, seated at the foot of the table.  Sir Hobart Husit, recently employed as the magistrate for …