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Galena is the largest kingdom in the land, but it shares territory with Khaz Ghalazad to the north. Its western border is not firmly fixed, but anything clearly beyond that western border is “the wilderness”. The Caliphate borders the wilderness to the south and claims some of the mineral-rich desert regions as its own.

The Kingdom of Galena
The Golden Kingdom (Khaz Ghalazad)
  • Bryn Kharem / Goldendeep
  • Anvilglow
  • Forgehame
  • Soursands
  • Silverchain
  • (...)
The Caliphate
  • (...)
The Wilderness
  • (...)
The Feywild
  • (...)

Historical Figures

The Drennards, Royal Line of Galena
  • Magnus I, first of the Drennard Kings
  • (...)
  • Devon IV, Peacesmith
  • Devon V, Dragonbane
  • (...)
  • Magnus III, Tyulusse or “the poplar”
  • (...)
  • Morgan IV, by the Grace of Bahamut of Galena King
Other People?
  • Some guy
  • Some lady

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