The Baerstun Campaign

Welcome to the Baerstun campaign! I’ve named the campaign for a large port city in the somewhat homebrewed world that the players’ characters inhabit. Right now the party consists of seven PCs:

  • Bree, a halfling – an apprentice wizard (‘Staffling’) with busy fingers and an agile mind
  • Lenora Brightbane, a tiefling – a retired first sergeant who prizes order and efficiency
  • Dargrik “Darg” Burnstone, a dwarf – sometime priest of Moradin, currently serving an Iounic order as penance
  • Thea Half-Elven, a half-elf – only daughter of a patriarchal clan of half-elven warriors, out seeking her fortune
  • Rache, a half-elf – a warlock who keeps her own counsel and loathes eladrin
  • Terciel Sulkano, an eladrin – banished to the mortal realm and seeking to regain his honor
  • Shard, a tiefling – from the ranks of the Ratcatcher Army, a young and impulsive messenger pressed into service as the party’s guide to the catacombs

We don’t have many house rules so far, but we do use the following:

  1. The object of the game is to have fun.
  2. DM reserves the right to fudge or retcon details, pursuant to rule #1.
  3. Core rulebooks (PHB1, DMG1) and their errata are canon, with additional items, classes, and powers at the DM’s discretion.
  4. If you spend an action point in order to use a non-reliable daily power with no ‘miss’ benefits, and it misses, you can have either the daily or the action point back.
  5. We use a 60-second egg timer to speed up play: finish before the sand is gone, and you get a +1 token which can be spent on any number of fun things. Trade in 3 tokens for a +2 token. Three of those can be traded for a roll of 1d100 on the Table of Fun.
  6. Skill checks in combat can be free actions (knowledge check from just looking), minor actions (estimating the difficulty of a task, taking a close look for a specific detail), or standard actions (anything that grants a mechanical bonus to combat).
  7. Considering house-rules to make rituals more useful in time-critical situations (“Look, maybe I didn’t say every single little tiny syllable, no. But basically I said them, yeah.”)
  8. At the intersection of (1) and (2) above: I’m always willing to go back and find out either (a) what the right ruling should have been, or (b) make something up that everyone can agree to.

After that, take a look at your wiki. There is some more helpful info there.


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