The Baerstun Campaign

Welcome to the Baerstun campaign! I’ve named the campaign for a large port city in the somewhat homebrewed world that the players’ characters inhabit. Right now the party consists of seven PCs:

  • Bree, a halfling – an apprentice wizard (‘Staffling’) with busy fingers and an agile mind
  • Thea Half-Elven, a half-elf – only daughter of a patriarchal clan of half-elven warriors, out seeking her fortune
  • Terciel Sulkano, an eladrin – banished to the mortal realm and seeking to regain his honor
  • Thandram, an eladrin – ordered to ensure Terciel does not violate his parole again.
  • Stazi, a halfling – recruited by Darg’s brethren, he serves the Wheel which turns. Stazi dances!
  • Octavia, a dragonborn – from an order of Bahamut’s Finest, she is pledged to destroy evil dragons wherever they are found.
  • Xenja the Red, a human – magnate of a small trade empire spanning Galena and nearby realms, this one-time adventuress has signed on for one more big score.
  • Lenora Brightbane, a tiefling – a retired first sergeant who prizes order and efficiency Lenora has pledged herself to Lord Wossname’s service, to lead the restoration of order to the City of Baerstun in the short term, and to help Darg research the group’s next target among the increasingly-inaptly-named Circle of Seven.
  • Dargrik “Darg” Burnstone, a dwarf – sometime priest of Moradin, currently serving an Iounic order as penance Darg is in Baerstun, holding down the fort in the Stone Quarter.
  • Rache, a half-elf – a warlock who keeps her own counsel and loathes eladrin Rache has retired to work at one of the many Horse & Hound taverns as a serving-girl and performer. The quiet life offers hundreds of opportunities every day to not die.
  • Shard, a tiefling – from the ranks of the Ratcatcher Army, a young and impulsive messenger pressed into service as the party’s guide to the catacombs Shard has parted ways with the party and joined Mr. Buckle in the hopes of uncovering more information about Ilian’s nemesis.

We don’t have many house rules so far, but we do use the following:

  1. The object of the game is to have fun.
  2. DM reserves the right to fudge or retcon details, pursuant to rule #1.
  3. Core rulebooks (PHB1, DMG1) and their errata are canon, with additional items, classes, and powers at the DM’s discretion.
  4. If you spend an action point in order to use a non-reliable daily power with no ‘miss’ benefits, and it misses, you can have either the daily or the action point back.
  5. We use a 60-second egg timer to speed up play: finish before the sand is gone, and you get a +1 token which can be spent on any number of fun things. Trade in 3 tokens for a +2 token. Three of those can be traded for a roll of 1d100 on the Table of Fun.
  6. Skill checks in combat can be free actions (knowledge check from just looking), minor actions (estimating the difficulty of a task, taking a close look for a specific detail), or standard actions (anything that grants a mechanical bonus to combat).
  7. Considering house-rules to make rituals more useful in time-critical situations (“Look, maybe I didn’t say every single little tiny syllable, no. But basically I said them, yeah.”)
  8. At the intersection of (1) and (2) above: I’m always willing to go back and find out either (a) what the right ruling should have been, or (b) make something up that everyone can agree to.

After that, take a look at your wiki. There is some more helpful info there.


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