Morgan (IV) Drennard, BGoB of Galena King

The King of Galena


King Morgan IV is the most recent of the Drennard line to rule Galena. Like all of the Drennard line he has more than a few drops of fey blood in his veins from intermarriage with the half-elves of the Caliphate and the elves of the Eastern Islands.

His younger sister Astar was wed to Sanj al-Mahsood of the Caliphate in the latest of a string of political marriages between the two kingdoms dating back to the reign of Caliph Ralan (aka Roland I). When Shah Mahsood’s reign ends, Sanj will inherit the throne; Morgan will then rule Galena and have a sister on the throne of the Caliphate.

His three sons are named Morgan, Roland, and Devon – all names of kings from the Drennard line – and each is studying to help rule the kingdom according to his talents. Morgan V, the eldest, is studying statecraft under the Foreign Minister, Silvia. Roland, his younger brother, is learning the craft of war and has been assigned to the Home Guards, a ceremonial cavalry unit. Devon has been traveling throughout Galena, bending his mind to mastery of the thousands of details required to administer a kingdom.

Morgan IV is reputed to be a fair ruler, but he is greatly angered by the incursions of the orcs on his western border. Maintaining the western border of Galena is a point of pride in Drennard family history, and there is some talk that his long-term plan is to expand the kingdom westward and eliminate the orcish menace forever.

Morgan (IV) Drennard, BGoB of Galena King

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