Tarin "the Stoat"


A skinny, sharp-faced thief who would much rather flee than fight, Tarin has so far evaded punishment for his crimes. He has been found guilty of:

  • Failure to report the discovery of valuable ores and gems upon the King’s lands
  • Banditry upon the King’s Roads and upon Lord Wossname’s subjects
  • Murder of numerous of Lord Wossname’s subjects
  • Murder of two commissioned officers of Lord Wossname’s guard
  • Rendering aid and comfort to the orcish enemy in time of war
  • Conspiracy with the orcish enemy to divert war supplies in time of war
  • Espionage in time of war
  • Inciting Lord Wossname’s subjects to treason against the King in time of war
  • Treason against the King and his good order in time of war

Seven of the nine charges are capital crimes, and he was rightly sentenced to death… but he escaped! He has been recruiting in the Ocean Quarter and around the Stone Quarter, and the work is definitely dirty, but his whereabouts remain unknown. It is unclear why the half-orc warlock helped him escape, or who else was involved, but Tarin seems to be making a habit of buying himself time to escape by sacrificing his underlings.

The players have recently stumbled onto his hideaway in the Baerstun sewers, where he was keeping company with several orcs, some human brigands, and an ogre.

Tarin "the Stoat"

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