Orc Rogue


Guugh was raised by the military to be part of the military. Born shortly before the liberation of the orcish slaves, she remembered the time before the orcs became a powerful force. Once their disparate raiding parties started uniting in an attempt to increase their chances of survival, she knew she wanted to be a part of this nascent orc nation and serve it in any capacity. She enlisted around the age of 12.

Very early in her training, she showed signs of having certain moral deficiencies, even for an orc. This led Guugh to be recruited into Thurig Silverhand’s brigade: the 13th BDE aka “The Silver Hand.” She was assigned to an intelligence battalion and received specialized training in covert ops and assassinations. As these are not typical tactics for orcs, she developed a less-subtle combat technique than most rogues. (While special ops orcs are great at getting into places they shouldn’t, they still tend toward neutralizing targets by hitting them repeatedly with maces.)

Despite being raised as a zealous follower of Gruumsh, the new army that became her family had a variety of religious beliefs. Some of her comrades were calling on Moradin or Erathis for guidance and aid in times of need. These unfamiliar names and prayers confused her and led to a period of spiritual exploration where she learned several different religions (while not bashing the heads of troublemakers). None of these other gods seemed to aid her, which made her begin to seriously doubt the existence of any gods.

Guugh began to be given assignments with increasing degrees of independence. She regularly was on missions that involved weeks or months away from her home battalion. Ranging throughout the Redstone Peninsula and Baerstun, she learned to avoid most of the other people she encountered – orcs and non-orcs alike. Fewer conversations meant fewer questions.

While on one particular mission to assassinate a double-crossing trader in the Stone Quarter, she first encountered a mixed-race team that included several local militia officers and some sort of religious champions. She watched as they happened to carry out her own assignment and immediately knew they were an important factor for Thurig to know about. She heard them discussing their next objective [ed: it was tracking down Darja or something? right?], she knew they were following an old lead. Guugh traveled swiftly to Buckle’s Ferry, crossed the sea, and waited for their arrival…


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