Eladrin Warlord - Tactician


Age: 198
Height: 5’10"
Weight: 170 lb
Hair: Yellow, pale, long; pattern baldness in the front
Skin: Dark Olive
Eyes: Gold
Distinctive Marks: Scar on left side of face, unknown origin


Thandram was raised in a noble family. The twelfth of seventeen siblings, he was groomed to be a general in his the army of his eldest brother, the heir apparent. Thandram was taught the expected array of genteel arts: history, religion, heraldry, languages, and military leadership. He took to the martial component well – his skills with the sword, shield, and spear were enough to win many tournaments before he even turned fifty.

When Thandram’s parents fell fighting against the Cloud Queen Rebellion, there was little disruption to the family’s standing or lands, but he took the news poorly. He retreated from the house’s common areas and devoted himself to studying law, perhaps hoping to find a way to hold the opposition accountable. He later apprenticed in the realm’s court system, but the passive role of watching justice be debated in chambers frustrated him. He yearned for the ability to carry out justice, as the sword of the court.

Thandram took leave from the court academy when he was granted a nomination for the Commission of Marshals. The Commission trained him in tracking and capturing fugitives, but the abilities came naturally to him and he took the mantle of a full marshal perhaps too eagerly. Many of those who Thandram brought before the courts would openly confess to crimes they could not have committed to seek lengthy sentences away from him.

Tales of Thandram’s zeal for enforcement caught the attention of the Royal Wardens, who considered him a perfect fit for Baügbarad. He has served the prison for almost a hundred years, progressing through a variety of roles that complement his unique demeanor.


Baerstun Thandram